Monday, August 30, 2010

i mustache you a question.

Just a couple of days ago, I've made the decision that if I don't get a date for the Homecoming dance next week then I'm not going. Knowing me, you all should be very surprised at me making a decision such as this (I'm even surprised that I can utter the words "I'm not going...") because 1. I love school dances. Heck, I love dancing in general; you all should know that. 2. I've gone every single year. and 3. I've always gone without a date (except for freshman year which was a disaster, but we'll save that for another blog...) The more I ponder/envision/wonder about going without a date, the more embarrassing/lame/awkward it seems.
My friends and I were discussing about getting a date and how we can achieve to do so. And we were stumped. I said that I feel like there's some kind of memo about how to get a date that I've obviously missed...for the past 3 years. And then we all began to wonder what it would be like to be one of those girls that already knew that they're going to be asked to the school dance. All they really have to worry about is what dress to get and what shoes will match it. And as we discussed this almost-magical group of girls, we began to become envious. And I pointed out that being envious isn't going to get us a homecoming date. And as much as I know I was right, I still wonder what it takes to get a homecoming date around here.

So the question I mustache you is...
will you go to homecoming with me?

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DJ Alborz said...

haha funny pic! I'm gonna use it on my blog if you dont mind :D