Friday, September 17, 2010

at peace.

Remember when my heart was broken? Remember how I didn't know what to do about the other girl? Remember when I was lost and afraid afraid of the future? Well, I have great news. All these problems are resolved, and I'm finally at peace with myself and the other girl.

A few days ago, I said that I refuse to be reduced by anything and anyone that is cruel and hateful. And in the past few days, things were left unsaid for and in the air, and it was really getting to my conscience. The hurt from the past was rising up from the depths of my heart, and I was feeling scared for what was going to happen. But I decided to step forward and take action.

The other girl and I talked. And we're at peace. We're more than "at peace"; we've become really great friends. We established that we were both hopeful and curious girls that are on the same side of life and that the common denominator here is stupid boys ;)

But the lesson I've learned here is that communication is key. And honesty is always the best policy. I know that I always say that, but it's so true. I was 100% honest with her, and she with me. And we were both being emotional girls that want nothing but to be loved and get the best out of life. I told her how much I was hurt when I found out about her and how I was nothing but jealous. I was jealous that she got the one thing that I've always wanted - him. She got him, and she had him, and she called him hers. And that's something that I've always wanted, yet could never ever have. I've always accepted it, but I've never confessed it. I've always accepted the fact that he and I could never be together, but now that I've talked with the other girl, I'm at peace.

I'm at peace with her.
I'm at peace with myself.
And I'm finally at peace with my past.

all these problems in my poor brain is gonnna pop...i need to find some peace.

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