Tuesday, September 07, 2010

circus day + powderpuff football.


Today is Circus Day!!
Homecoming is so early this year that I didn't have much time to get my outfits together. So I just threw this one together from stuff I have in my closet. I wanted to be some kind of acrobat/tightrope walker kind of gal, but, honestly, I just wanted to have an excuse to wear my tutu to school. There weren't many people dressed up today like there have been in the past, but I think it's because spirit week is so early in the year this year that people didn't have time to get their costumes ready.
But it's my senior year, and I'm going all out every single day of the week!

Today was also the big Powderpuff Juniors vs. Seniors Football game. I was so stoked to get on the field and kick some 11th grade girl butt, and the girls on the senior team are all beasts. We all wanted to win, and we were willing to do anything to make sure that the game ended with us killing the juniors. And we did just that. I was in every single play as either the corner defense or defensive linebacker. I got down and dirty and wasn't afraid to tackle a girl (even though we weren't supposed to), and I walked off that field with some lovely, bleeding scratches on my knees and all the way up the side of my thighs. The team this year was great, and I had a lot of fun on the field. The coaches were a big help helping all the girls figure out what all the positions are and helping us get angy and pumped. And the final score was 28-14, and it was definitely one of the best nights of my life. I almost considered quitting dance just to play football ;)

Remember last Homecoming week when it was also theatre week for Ties? And I got really sick and ended up with bronchitis? And I still did two full out shows and still went to the Homecoming dance? Yeah, that's when I realized that I might be some kind of super hero...hopefully this year nothing of that sort will happen again!

Tomorrow is Holiday Day. But we seniors have a little surprise up our sleeves...

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