Thursday, September 09, 2010

disney day.

from left to right: jasmine, alice (from "alice in wonderland), (another) jasmine, pocahontas, tweedle dum, captain hook, and tweedle dee.
Today was Disney Day! I originally wanted to be Jasmine since she is my favorite Disney princess, but a couple of my friends were going to be Jasmine already. So I went with Pocahontas. I know that I probably could've pulled off Mulan really well, but I was Mulan for freshman Disney Day and I wanted to do something different this time around. There were some really cute outfits today (the twins being Tweedle Dee + Dum definitely being one of my favorites.

I feel like this spirit week has gone by too fast and homecoming has come too fast this year. It makes me a little sad that it is my last homecoming week, but I've had a lot of fun for the past three years. And this year is so much fun.

Tomorrow is the usual Extreme Blue + Gold Day with the Homecoming parade and Homecoming game. My outfit for tomorrow is going to be insane, so you better brace yourselves. And I better win best costume for tomorrow...

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