Wednesday, September 08, 2010

holla day + the hypnotist show.

ho11a day!

Today was Holiday Day...but for the seniors it was HOLLA DAY! As seniors, we practically run this school, so we decided that Holla Day was easier and more fun to dress for. I had a lot of fun looking like a total B-Girl. I was totally rocking cornrows and the Snookie poof (she's my fave on Jersey Shore...yes, I watch Jersey Shore. And I love it.). And all day I was known as B-Weezy. Practically everyone dressed up today, and it was so hilarious to see everyone be someone that they obvious weren't for one day.

And tonight I had the chance to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I got hypnotized by the magical Tom Deluca. Every year he comes to my school to hypnotize a group of seniors and makes them do a bunch of crazy and potentially embarrassing acts. I went 2 years ago to watch a couple of my good senior friends at the time speak in an alien language and change the mascot of our school. Ever since that first hypnotist show I went to sophomore year, I wanted to be hypnotized by Mr. Deluca. So I did everything in my power to try to be picked tonight.
I got to the school at 5:45pm to wait for the doors to open and the show to start at 7pm. I made a poster that said "Hypnotize a ballerina" and I wore my tutu. When Tom picked me to go onstage, I was extremely excited. And this is where it will be very difficult for me to explain what happened to me tonight...
Tom told us to do certain things to help us fall asleep and let him into our mind. At first, I didn't think it was going to work on me because I didn't feel myself falling asleep at all. I was getting so mad at myself that it wasn't working because I wanted to be hypnotized so badly. And then at some point - I have no clue when - I fell asleep and got hypnotized. I know he made me do a lot of crazy things, but I didn't find out what I did until after the show when everyone was telling me that I was dancing like a maniac on the stage. It's difficult for me to remember to what exactly happened, but you just need to check Tom Deluca out and see for yourself...

Tomorrow is Disney Day!

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