Wednesday, September 01, 2010

my wednesday buddy.

"well you'll have to see when i get back."

Today is Wednesday.
Wednesday is my favorite day of the week. It always has been ever since the 7th grade when my science teacher told me why it's also known as "Hump Day".

He remembered that Wednesdays were my favorite ever since the first time I told him. And for the longest time, he made my Wednesdays lovely. Those were the days he would hold my hand and whisper sweet words to me.
And then he went away, and my Wednesdays were boring and lonely again.

Today I talked my Wednesday buddy for the first time since he's gone away, and we're still as close as could be. I think it's quite ironic that it so happened to be Wednesday that we spoke to each other.
I miss my Wednesday buddy.


so we go from year to year with secrets we've been keeping...
...on a wednesday

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