Monday, September 27, 2010

salsa dancing in medical booties = day 1 of theatre week.

It's finally here, ladies + gents...the first theatre week of the SVB season 2010-2011! And due to the fact that they're being more strict about taking pictures backstage, I won't be able to provide as many pictures this year :(
But the days this week are longer than usual because of all the different schools and companies participating with us in this festival of dance, but it's not that big of a deal...even though, I have 3 tests this week, a paper due this weekend, an egg launcher to start designing + building, and finding time to eat and breathe.

Tonight was a lot of fun because we're in a theatre we've never performed in in downtown. I've passed by the theatre several times, but I've never actually been inside nonetheless performed in it! But I really like the venue - it's very old-fashioned and ancient but I love it. The dancers from the other schools were really excited to be there as well, and I was looking forward to seeing what they were bringing to the stage we are sharing for the week.
I really like the variety in styles that are being performed in this show - jazz, ballroom, modern, lyrical, classical ballet, etc. And it's really eye-opening to see different styles of choreography and artistic vision. It's really refreshing to me to watch different kinds of choreography, and after watching a piece that I really enjoyed, I always want to head straight to the studio to start choreographing!

And here comes the famous Daily Theatre Week List...
-We have to wear medical booties around backstage to protect our shoes. I love them.
-Medical booties look like mushrooms.
-I hid my phone so it wouldn't get taken away, so that makes me a trouble maker.
-My best friends and I are able to complete each others' sentences and practically read each others' minds. That's how close we are.
-Come 1, 2, and 3. Beat mix it.
-I want to be a DJ. Just for the headphones to feel legit and the endless parties.
-I've been assigned to teach my friend how to dance. He's a dancer.
-"Time for a vocab quiz!" "Okay...BLASTOSPORE!!!"

Tomorrow night is "Group B", so it's a whole different group of schools and companies coming into the theatre! So the madness continues...

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