Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the dream continues...

These are the beautiful pointe shoes Mr. Pedro has decorated for me. They will be my glass slippers for my role of Cinderella. Holding these pointe shoes in my hands made me realize that I'm going to have to really push myself when it comes to being Cinderella...five variations and two pas de deux's. It's never easy. But I'm very excited to take up the challenge, and I can't wait to become a princess at a ball. I will be performing the Act II variation at the Nutcracker Ball next month because Pedro will be announcing the production of Cinderella that night. I've always dreamt of being a leading role in a ballet, but I never imagined it to happen so soon. The hard work you put into something will certainly pay off.

Tonight, I had a rehearsal with John + Courtney to work on the scholarship dance I'm choreographing, and we finished it this evening! It took a few weeks of fun, yet productive, rehearsals to finish, and it's finally complete! I have applied for the choreography category of the Young Arts program, as well as the ballet and modern categories. I'm hoping that I will get some scholarships to help me with paying for college, and I know that every little bit will help! Now that the dance is finished, it's so amazing to see the final product of this vision of a dance that I've been dreaming up for a while now. At this point, it still a little mushy, but we've got a few more days to clean it up. We're filming it next Friday afternoon. I'm hoping to share it all with you very soon!

I have a strange feeling this week will fly by pretty quickly...

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