Monday, October 11, 2010

loving life.

I am very sorry that I took an unannounced leave from blogging. My blog has not been cooperating with me for a few days, and then I decided to take a little leave to focus on other things. But I have attempted to make videos apologizing for my absence to make it up to you guys, but they won't upload. So I've given up. But I'm back, and I have got quite a lot to talk about.

While I was away, certainly a lot has happened: getting sick, pulled my quad muscle, Dance Festival, more school, submitting my first college application, going to a recording studio (you will definitely be getting more information about this one...), and my birthday...but it's all too much to write about in one night.

I'll start off with dance festival...I have created the longest theatre week list while I was away, but I never got a chance to post it. So here it is (I wrote this on Sunday after the last performance):
-Teach me how to dougie. Seriously. I don't know how to.
-There is something about parking lots that just makes me feel so liberated...

-My boyfriend and I text in military lingo ("Roger that!", "do you copy?", ETA 1037, etc). Don't judge.

-Hump circles are the new squares.
-Skippy is a creep. But we love him.

-NASCAR racers got nothing on my quick change crew. They kick ass.

-Peeling a grape is a lot easier than you think. Actually, you do it everyday.

-My best friends and I tend to talk about boobs. Ours in particular.

-I love Barnes + Noble. The people that work there don't judge you! I know this because...

-I went to B+N and excitedly asked for books about octopi, and this kind lady escorted me to the kids' section to show me all the octopus books available. Thank you, Barnes + Noble.

-Remember when my boyfriend called me while I was backstage in the middle of a show to tell me that he was outside the back stagedoor with lunch? Remember when that lunch consisted of a pesto-tomato ciabatta sandwich + hot peach tea? I do.

-It's finally starting to get chilly and feeling like fall outside. I love it.

-Plank Friday has been postponed until next week.

-Taco Bell needs to stay open later.

-Vegetable chips can be a satisfying dinner.

-Remember when I got in trouble for making John pretend he was a pirate? I do.

-Tai's Custom Florists makes the best bouquets ever.

-I still can't get over how awesome a salsa bar is.

-I like awkward people.

-I hate paying for parking.

-I love re-reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera.
-I hate Physics.

-I hate feeling so tired and having to leave the theatre.

-I love you all <3

Just as a little side note: I got sick and pulled a muscle in my quad during theatre week. And still did four shows. The theatre is a magical place that makes dancing still possible with a sick stomach + a tight quad.
Continuing on...I have submitted my first college application to Florida State University. I'm still trying to arrange my trip to go there for my audition, but it will be very very very soon. I can't wait for college auditions to start, so I can tell you all about them!!
And the last thing I would like to talk about tonight is my experience at the recording studio. My sister is the singer in the family. She has the voice of an angel, and she wants to make music for the rest of her life. My mom and she arranged some recording time at this recording studio, and my sister requested that I play guitar for the demo she was to record. I agreed to the exhilarating experience of being in a recording studio. We played several songs together, and they all turned out pretty nice after just a few takes of each song. The gentleman helping us with recording put the songs together on a dandy CD sans editing and completely raw. And I'm very proud of my sister. However, she had mentioned to the recording studio owner that I write my own music. So he said that next time we go in together, he would like to hear some of my songs and put together a CD for me! I'm not really looking into making a music career out of what I write, but it would be very cool just to have a CD of all my music. I'll definitely keep my options open, but it will always be something that I do for fun and thoroughly love to do.
But that is all I'm writing for tonight. My warm bed is calling my name...
PS. I can't stop listening to Sigur R├│s. Amazing.

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