Sunday, October 31, 2010

a senior bond fire + a halloween rave.

This weekend was a crazy one!!
On Friday, the seniors of the Senior Company got together to have a bond fire. Yes, a bond fire. We did some very much needed bonding around a campfire in my friend's backyard out in the middle of the boonies. Out there, there's no cell signal, rarely anywhere to shop or go out to eat, a lot of woods and farms, and not much high-speed internet (my friends that live out there are lucky that they do!). It's almost a different place out there. Normally, I would freak out without the cell service, but it was really nice to just hang out with the girls and really focus on spending more time with each other before we...gulp...graduate. We all agreed that it was all coming too soon, and that we were all going to keep in touch forever.

The next morning, Saturday, we got ready for company rehearsal. I love company rehearsal at the studio because everyone gets into it. We all dress up, and even Pedro + Rebecca participate by dressing up! And not to mention, the big bowls of candy to pig out on during rehearsals! My best friends and I dressed up as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! This year, the costumes got really creative! There were a lot of group costumes. There was a group of dancing cows, Power Rangers, and Minnie Mouses! It definitely made rehearsal a lot more interesting!
We're really pushing through with company rehearsals these days considering that Nutcracker is in about 5 more weeks!! I can't believe it!! I'm even performing Arabian next this Friday at an Arts Council. We're about to enter the "busy season" known as Nutcracker season. It really is my favorite time of the year because everyone in the community gets so involved with helping out the company and supporting all the dancers. It truly brings joy to my heart to be a part of such a supportive environment and family.

Then after yesterday's rehearsal, John, Courtney, and I rushed to my house to get ready for Tai + Dakota's Halloween Rave that they've been getting ready for the past two months. I am so proud of both Tai + Dakota for getting so many people to their rave and handling all troubles that go along with throwing such a huge party. But it was a blast, and it turned out really well. There were probably over 100 people there altogether, and I have a feeling that word about this one will get out to more people, making the number grow even more. John dressed up as Deadmau5 (one of both John and my favorite DJs), and he even got to help DJ last night. It was his first time DJing for a party ever, and I can tell that he was having a blast. And not to mention, people thought he was cool, so he's getting to meet a lot more people...can't blame my excitement - he's homeschooled.
Courtney is dressed up as a flight attendant. And me and my beau were a nurse and doctor. He definitely had the swagger of a doctor, even when he was mixing on the decks. It all went by too fast and ended too quickly, but there will be many more raves to come!

It has been an incredibly fun past two nights, but now I'm completely exhausted.
Too much fire, s'mores, ninja-ing, saving of lives, and raving.
I love my crazy life.

What did you do for your Halloween weekend?

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