Saturday, November 06, 2010

goodbye, high school football.

This evening has been quite eventful.
It started off with my first performance of this Nutcracker season at an arts exhibition. The event was a place where artists displayed their artwork for display and sale. Unfortunately, there weren't many people there tonight which really surprised me because the artwork that was on display was amazing! I know the area that I live in to be very supportive of the arts, which is also why I was surprised that many people weren't there. I feel like if it had been advertised more a lot more people would've come. I'll make a suggestion for next year...The performance went well nonetheless; we performed twice - once at 5:00 and once at 6:30. I was accompained by my fellow company members + good friends, John and Molly, who performed the pas de deux from Flower Festival. I'm very sad to report that the stage that we danced on was terrible. It was a bunch of tiles made of a plywood-like material put together with a 2 foot drop to the actual ground. No marlee. And the little ridges that connected the tiles together made it impossible to turn. Regardless, the performance went well overall for the three of us. Both shows racked up a total of about 20 people (some of which were returning spectators from the first show). Also, I found out a couple more secrets tonight, but it'll be a couple months until I can reveal such secrets. So you're just going to have to wait...!

After the performance, I rushed to get to the last football game of the season. For my school anyway. I hate to say that our football team this year hasn't won a single game. But I am proud to say that I still go to the games to cheer my school on and represent! My favorite thing about football games is the feeling in the student section - the feeling that you can yell and scream crazy, loud, and almost-obnoxious things but it's not weird. I'm known to get into the games too much and yelling weird things at football games, that's for sure...for the last football game of the season, I pulled out the blue suit again to end the season on a light note despite our record this year. It was a freezing game, but it was still fun. And it was weird when it ended...I looked at all my fellow seniors, and we all had the look on our faces - "What now?" It's so strange thinking that next year we won't be the leaders of the student section anymore. That next year the team will be completely different. That next year we'll all be in college...but we all gave a round of hugs at the end of the game and sang "Hey Baby!" all together for the last time as high school students.

Goodbye, high school football.
I loved you while you lasted.
I'm going to miss you.

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