Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i'm a mess. you're a mess.

I'm a mess. You're a mess.
I remember for the longest time, especially in oh-so-awkward middle school, I was always trying to be something else - someone that I wasn't. And that constant masking and covering up of my true self caused me to go crazy. I can honestly say that not knowing who you are, what your surroundings are, and how to be your true self in those surroundings are the scariest things. It makes you feel lost, afraid, and paranoid about everything and what everyone is thinking.

Recently, I've had a discussion about when I found my true self. And I replied with, "I'm not finished yet."
Finding yourself is a neverending process and infinite discovery, and that's the beauty of it. (Although this discovery process began for me in my sophomore year) Once you embrace your full and complete self, things will become clearer and easier for you. I'm embracing my total techno-obsessed self as I read Ti√ęsto's new blog. He is one of my favorite DJs, and now he's writing a blog about the DJ clubbing life and the dance music industry. I'm looking forward to his future posts, and you should really check it out here!

Happy Wednesday!

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