Sunday, November 21, 2010

like cinderella at the ball.

"do your best bevel, ladies!"
Last night was a magical evening of dancing, dancing, and dancing.
The Nutcracker Ball is a fun night of fundraising, and I just love seeing all the people that come to support the company. (And it's funny to watch them get more and more tipsy throughout the night.) Everyone was all smiles all night.
Last year was the first time I ever got to dance at the Nutcracker Ball, and I was invited to dance again this year.

The day started off early as usual at 9 o' clock. I loved watching everyone walk in with the dresses they were to wear that night and the heels they'd force their swollen toes into. And our teenage girl minds couldn't focus on the rehearsal we were supposed to be mentally present in, and Pedro noticed. We ran most of Act II with a few extras. My little brother is doing Nutcracker this year (last year, he got ill the day of the show, so he didn't get to perform it), and I am so proud of him. He's a tiny little 8 year old, that looks like he's still 5, that is dancing as a party boy in the party scene. I love watching him dance because he has so much fun, and he's a fast learner. Not to mention, he has natural talent with better feet than I have and natural flexibility. It's not fair! Anyway, as soon as we finished rehearsal, we excitedly headed to the Hotel Roanoke downtown. We saw the familiar ballroom, but there were different decorations this year. The ladies that put the decor together always work their magic. (How many times do I say that the ladies behind the curtain work their magic?)

We quickly marked and rehearsed our pieces on the dancefloor, and we were almost ready to start the ball. Pedro had one thing to say to me after I rehearsed my Cinderella variation: "Let the feeling overwhelm you. Feel like you're in heaven. Feel like you're in a ballroom like this." I looked all around me, and I saw the fancy tables and the chandeliers. And I was in heaven. I'm living a dream life that some girls my age wish they could live. Dancing every weekend and performing on a stage for a group of people that want nothing more than to support you. He gave me one last kiss on the top of my head and said his usual "Now go get beautiful...not that you're already beautiful."

We all got into the costume we were to wear for the first hour, where we all greeted the people as they entered the ballroom. We directed them towards the silent auctions going on as well as offering them a balloon. In this balloon, there was a slip of paper that said a prize on them, and we were to sell these balloons for some fast cash. I used this opportunity to be a better salesman and more marketable, and I failed miserably. I'm too good at being awkward around people I don't know and afraid of what dorky thing I could utter next. Before I knew it, all the balloons were gone, and we were sent back to the make-shift dressing room to get ready for the show.

I danced my Cinderella variation, but I wasn't too satisfied with how it went. But it sounds like my prince, as well as the other dancers did better. And the kickline went really well! It was a hit with the crowd, and I could see that they really enjoyed seeing such a holiday spirit filled dance. I couldn't help but feel like a Rockette while doing the kickline. Of course ours wasn't as perfect, but we looked good out there. And after the show, we were ready to get dressed into our formal dresses and pumps. (It's amusing how all of us can bring really high heels no matter how much our feet hurt.)

seniors <3

And remember last year when my mother fell ill the night of the ball? Well this year both my parents made it to the ball, and I loved seeing them so happy together. Watching them have so much fun and dancing made me realize where I got my dancing talents from.

Dancing all night long is my speciality.

PS. If a strange man ever comes up and dances with you, it's not always the prince at the ball. Sometimes it's just a bum off the street.

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