Friday, November 19, 2010

vcu audition + the beatles.

Today was the day.
My very first college audition!
VCU wasn't very appealing to me at a distance, but being at the school today and experiencing the teachers and getting to know the program a lot better made me realize that I might actually consider going there.
The morning started off early at 5 o' clock as my father and I hit the road. I slept for another hour or so, but when I woke up we did what we do best - jam out to the Beatles. My dad and I share very similar tastes in music, which is we both appreciate practically every music genre possible, and he loves it when I show him new music. His most recent favorite of which I've shown him is "Hoppípolla" by Sigur Rós (he mistakenly called them Swedish when they're really Icelandic). "Octopus's Garden" was our favorite song of the day as far as the Beatles go, but I also showed him my favorites by Mumford & Sons and Beirut. We arrived in Richmond around 9 with an hour to kill before check-in. And of course, my father and I found a nice little café to indulge in some hot tea. I had a cup of some delicious ginseng peppermint looseleaf tea. I definitely recommend it to all tea lovers.
I checked in at 10 o' clock, and once everyone was present, we went up to observe a workshop class that the school offers every Friday. While watching the class, I saw the different levels of dancers that were attending the school. I was happy to see a lot of dancers getting their legs up and staying on the music, and I caught myself learning the combinations and marking them in my head. The class excited me and made me want to jump in and join the other dancers.
The workshop class ended, and the audition began. We got our numbers, and I was number 410. I didn't find any significant attachment to this number, but I still wasn't too nervous about the audition. The audition was two and a half hours long - one hour of ballet, one hour of modern, and half an hour of improvisation. One of the teachers observing the class was a teacher I had while I went to Richmond Ballet's summer intensive last year. She so happens to be a teacher in the VCU dance program as well.

At the end of the audition she asked me, "Have I had you before?"
I responded with "Yes, I went to Richmond's summer program last year."
She continued on to say, "Oh okay! I was watching you the whole time trying to remember where I've had you! Good to see you!"

Being unforgettable: Check.
I think one of the main goals all dancers should have is to be unforgettable. Being unforgettable is what makes Baryshnikov, Sylvie Guillem, Nuryev, and Julie Kent some of the best dancers. Maybe having the teacher watch me almost the entire audition made her more picky and notice every single mistake I made, but still she remembered me and kept an eye on me making me even more unforgettable. That's a long stretch, but I've got to keep a positive attitude!

According to the director of the program, I should find out if I'm accepted or not within the next two weeks. Overall, I think I did really well, and it was very laidback as my first college audition. And I was quite content with the campus and the atmosphere of the area. It's no New York City, but it's still a bustling city that I wouldn't mind seeing myself living in. This whole college process is exciting, and being able to share it with you all makes it even more exciting. I'll let you know what happens next...


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