Wednesday, December 29, 2010

colossal times.

Chillin' out in Maryland away from for the holidays has its perks - more things to do, better stores to shop at, and BIG FOOD.
The misconception I think many people have about dancers is that they don't eat. 99.99% of the dancers that I know love to eat. I'm very sad to report that some dance companies and dancers choose to almost starve themselves, but that's not what this post is about. It's about the crazy, large foods that I've been eating on this holiday break. It's probably not a very good idea since I'm not dancing at all, but after tonight I might be fasting for the next week or so...

Tonight my family hit up Chick and Ruth's Delly to see the colossal milkshake in person. We're a big fan of Man vs Food at my house, and we had to take advantage of being in the vicinity of some of the featured foods on the show. My sister, my two cousins, and I took on the challenge of drinking the 6lbs milkshake. I say that we were very lucky and smart share the huge drink among the four of us; I couldn't imagine drinking the whole thing on my own in my entire lifetime...
But we did it! After a couple of hours and a lot of people walking by the window in awe of the giant drink in the center of our table, we finished it. We all feel like a tub of lard after, but we were proud of finishing what we started. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go burp a little more...


the end.

PS. And we went here for dinner yesterday...Big Mama is quite the character! She is hilarious!

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