Sunday, December 05, 2010

final rehearsals.

This weekend has been quite a long one.
Yesterday, I danced all day from 9 to 6. Just a tad longer than the average work day, but instead I'm doing werk. This weekend was the final put-togethers before theatre week starts tomorrow. I had a rather easy day yesterday doing only Snow and Arabian. However, we all felt Mr. Pedro's stress from the pressure of putting on a great show because he continued to yell at certain dancers. He made threats of cutting people. He made them do it over and over and over again until there wasn't a mistake in sight. He shouted corrections and yelled names. But this is what it takes to create a wonderful show. Honestly, we were all scared of Pedro. He's the type of person that rarely gets mad, but when he does get mad, it isn't pretty. I admire Pedro's discipline and constant pushing to do our best because we need to get in the habit of always doing so. We all shut our mouths and did what he asked because he wasn't happy. He looked truly upset and disappointed in how we were dancing yesterday. But in the midst of his rage and disappointment, his sad face turned into a smile because of me.
I was cold and had slipped my arms into my sweatpants making the pant legs long sleeves and my head sitting on the top of the waist of the pants. Pedro took one look at me, smirked, giggled, and said, "Bria, you make my day." Leave it to me to brighten up your day no matter what. I'm always that girl that can brighten up your day but can't brighten up her own.
I waited until the last minute (I'm really good at that) to get new pointe shoes for the theatre next week, so I dealt with dead pointe shoes all weekend. But JetGlue is my savior. It works wonders. If I were to only have a set number of pointe shoe essentials for when you're really in pain from them being dead or from an ingrown toenail/blister/bruised toenail/missing toenail/etc., they would be: 2nd skin, Orajel, toe tape, and JetGlue.

Today was a little shorter day dancing from noon to five in preparation for the long theatre week coming up. My brother joined me today in the studio for rehearsal, and he keeps improving every single time I watch him. He has so much natural talent that it almost wants to make me kill myself. He has naturally gorgeous feet and nice legs for long lines; it's not fait. But I've come to love what I've got and be nothing but proud of my little bro. Every once and a while, he would get the wrong foot, but I was the exactly same way. He loves to do it, and that's all that matters.
i was only a Snowflake + a Violet today, and as usual, Flower was a wreck. But on the plus side, my group of Petals and Leaves is always perfect. Thanks, girls. The reason why the girls in my group are always together and on the right marks is because I push them there. I admit it. Sometimes I do feel bad that I push and shove them into the right places and to make them go faster, but I have permission from Pedro and Rebecca that I can do so. I've learned that - especially when dancing in a corps group - being together and looking uniform is important. And if that means being pushed around to look exactly like everyone else, then that's what it's going to take. I'm going to be honest and say that it's taken me a long time to understand that knowing how to work and dance with a corp group is an important tool that every dancer should have. You won't always be the lead role. You won't always be front and center doing 32 fouettes or tombé pas de bourrés. Sometimes you'll be in the back and just standing there for 15 minutes in one pose and you can't move. I've been that position, believe me. And now that I think about it, I wish when I was younger that an older girl would push me around and put me in my place to understand the importance of a ballet corps. It would've saved me from being yelled at often...

Nutcracker 2010 is finally here.
And my last performance with SVB is in one week.
I don't think I'll be able to hold it together. But bring it on, Theatre Week.

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