Monday, December 13, 2010

losing track of time.

The day back to school after the magical weekend of Nutcracker is always a tough one. Even leaving the theatre after the last show is a heartbreaking moment. Because for 30 minutes you're surrounded by "fans" that want to take a picture with you and ask for your autograph. You're covered in glitter that is sticking to you because of all the sweat from all the hard work. And then after those 30 minutes, you walk out the back entrance in sweatpants, with 5 bags in hand, juggling a couple of bouquets, and your face smelling like a baby's butt. Yet, that's the very thing that I live for.

School is so foreign to me right now. I missed a couple days last week, but it feels like I missed a week. I guess I wasn't paying attention at all during theatre week from sleep deprivation and anticipation for the exciting weekend. But I am very proud of myself for writing a 6 page research paper last night in a mere 3 hours. I am a champ. However, rather than catching up on schoolwork I'm crafting more Christmas presents. Maybe I'm not much of a champ after all...


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