Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas!

Merry Christmas, all!! As a Christmas present, I thought I would give you my blog back, haha. I hope you guys like the new layout! That's me in the Cinderella costume up there!

I haven't been up to much the past few days. And although my blog wasn't up, I kept posting things because I knew people still wanted to "read my thoughts" (I've been getting all sorts of things in my Formspring inbox...). I'm busy spending Christmas with my family in Maryland, and I've created this little Christmas card with me and Goochy. I hope that it brings you the joy of Christmas!

It seems like everyone is having a good Christmas this year, and I wish that and more for all of you as well. I'm back and better than I was a few days ago that's for sure.

Merry Christmas!

PS. 8 days!

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