Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Tonight was Act I rehearsal at the Theatre. So this meant a lot of waiting around till all of Party Scene and Battle Scene of both casts rehearsed so that all the little kids can go home early. So Senior Company is left last to rehearse Snow late at night. Once again I watched my little brother get all excited about being on the big stage. He's so cute as a party boy, and he looks so tiny from offstage! It's cute because his partner is a good foot taller than him. He is quite the ladies' man.

Starting to get tired...
-I sewed a pair of new pointe shoes tonight and wore them for Snow tonight. Boy, do my toes feel better.
-I didn't have a pair of scissors with me while I was sewing my pointe shoes, so I used a geometry compass to cut the thread. You never know what you can use a compass for!
-Remember the Humping Chair? Yeah, I do too.
-I have a difficult time trying not to sound cheesy.
-Most ballerinas have a good sense of bathroom humor.
-There's something about that coffee shop...

See you on the flipside!

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