Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Tonight was dress rehearsal numéro un! By this day in the week, we're all just tired. Nothing more, nothing less. Just tired. But we've got to keep the energy up. We were all excited to wear the new snowflake costumes that Mrs. Long has worked hard on for the past few months. We're the first girls to ever wear them, and we all feel honored. Mrs. Long has a way with stitches and tulle, and her hardwork is appreciated when we all look beautiful in the white tulle on that stage. And we were all looking forward to jamming hundreds of bobbypins into our heads with these new headpieces that Mr. Pedro has handmade. Yes. He handmade each headpiece one-by-one. He certainly can work some magic outside the dance studio as well. He told us that each headpiece is made of about 250 beads. That's a lot of beads, and a lot of headpieces. Thank you, Mr. Pedro!

Tonight's run through went well. I was Arabian tonight, and I'm so comfortable with this dance it's not even funny. I've wanted to dance this dance ever since my first Nutcracker in grade four. And I finally have it, and I couldn't love a dance in Nutcracker anymore than I love Arabian Coffee (okay, maybe the SugarPlum Grand Pas. But I like it mostly for the music). There were a lot of great pictures taken tonight by the one and only Dan McDilda! You can check them out here! We have one more dress rehearsal to go, then it's showtime!

The list:
-I missed Keltie's special live video chat on Facebook tonight because rehearsal went on longer than expected. I was still dancing in the Land of Sweets while a bunch of you were listening to Keltie read and being book nerds and super dorks with her.
-A college called me tonight and conducted an interview while I was half naked backstage in the dressing room in between Act I and Act II. Good thing I wasn't in opening of Act II, and I hope I get into that college.
-I come home to no food. It must be theatre week/the van broke down again week.
-I have a 100 in English again. I can't complain.
-One week until my love leaves for Europe and leaves me alone for the holidays.
-One week until Heartbreaker returns and asked to spend time with me again.
-The girls backstage are really starting to appreciate my taste in music because it's perfect for getting ready for a show. They all agree that I would be a good DJ. Must get it from the boyf ;)
-And I can't get enough of foreign singers...


et nous n'avons plus rien à risquer.

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