Sunday, January 16, 2011


"you don't believe her when she says you're going to be beautiful. you don't believe that a girl like you could be and feel like a princess."

Today I had a magnificent rehearsal with my Ugly Stepmother and Sisters. I only call them Ugly because that's what they're called in the ballet, but in real life they're very pretty and I love them to death. My stepmother is actually a man, which makes it loads more fun! He's having a little difficulty with the dancing part of it because he's never done it before, but I love his persistence. We're in very good shape now for the 2nd week of rehearsals. In this version of Cinderella, my father is a drunk. There is a section where I dance with him and tell him to stop drinking. I've known the man who plays my father ever since I was 13. I call him Papa Bear, and the connection that we have is so natural. He too has never really danced before although all of his children are successful dancers, but he's a natural. I have such a great cast surrounding me that I often forget that I'm the lead role in this ballet. We're all working together, and it means a lot.

Also, in this version of the ballet, there's a beggar woman that comes into the house to tell me that I will be a beautiful princess someday. And I, dirty house servant Cinderella, don't believe her at all. I look down at my rags and dirty feet, and as much as I wish that were possible, I don't believe it for a second. And before she leaves, I give her a loaf of bread. When I was taught and rehearsed this scene, I realized that I really relate to the character of Cinderella.

I've been through a lot as a person and dancer, and I learn to be thankful for what I have. I take the crap that people give to me to avoid fighting and more conflict. And never in a million years did I ever imagine myself in this position - the ballerina. I've dreamed of being the prima ballerina on that big stage dancing a beautiful grand pas de deux with a dreamy prince. I'm living the dream of any little girl, and I can honestly say that if you work hard and believe+trust in yourself your dreams will come true.

A dream is a wish your heart makes. But you don't have to be asleep for it to be true.

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