Saturday, January 08, 2011

first cinderella rehearsal!

"i tell you to wait a lot." - my fairygod mother
"it's okay. i'm used to obeying orders and commands." - me

Today marks the very first rehearsal of Cinderella! I can't believe that getting ready for this show is finally here! It's still surreal for me going through rehearsals knowing that I'm "the princess". Is this really my life?!

It was a great day for rehearsals, although I was afraid that it was going to get cancelled with the snow falling heavy this morning. Thankfully, rehearsal wasn't cancelled, so we were able to begin the excitement of learning new choreography! We started off with the ball scene, and I am so impressed. First of all, Pedro's choreography for this is amazing. No wonder he was so anxious to start rehearsing for it! It's challenging, but I see every single person going for it and approaching the challenge without a single fear. The partnering for the ballroom scene is so cool! Pedro has all the couples running patterns that are all so appealing to the eye, and I seriously can't wait to see it when it's all cleaned up, everyone's in their costumes, and we're onstage with all the sets. But that's approximately 3 months away...

It's all so exciting to begin this adventure and journey, and I can't wait to keep you guys updated and tell you all about it! My prince (my best guy friend, John) and I are rehearsing for the ball scene pas de deux this Friday night, and Pedro says that there are going to be some crazy lifts and throwing. And I can't wait.


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