Sunday, February 20, 2011

blue valentine.

"i feel like men are more romantic than women."

Last night I went on a movie date (our first) with Tai to go see "Blue Valentine". We've been dying to see this movie after seeing the cute trailer. It was playing at a local movie theatre called the Grandin Theatre. I've only been there once (once upon a Heartbreaker-time), so I was really excited to go back there.

The movie was amazing. It left both Tai and I completely speechless. The ride home was quiet, but when I stopped the car, all we did was hold each other in silence. It was the only thing we felt like doing after watching this movie. And it was the right thing to do.
All I can really say about this movie is: it left my heart broken + full at the same time.

It broke my heart to see love lost. What Dean and Cindy had seemed so genuine and irreplaceable. It seemed like something rare and something that you should really treasure and not take for granted. But after a few years, things changed. And things ended differently. It made me sad and scared. It made me afraid that I might think I'm in love with someone for a moment, but then years later realize that I was wrong. It worried me that I could never be so sure and that maybe someone might change their feelings for me.
But as I sat there watching their love fall apart, I looked over at Tai. He held my hand throughout the entire movie. He rested his head on my shoulder. He kissed my cheek at the most random times. And at one point during the movie, he leaned over and whispered "I love you". The movie showed me when love fails, so it made me want to do the complete opposite. I wanted to have a happy marriage and a happy family. I wanted nothing but the truth and best out of every relationship I get myself into. Tai may or may not be the one, but he's someone that I love very much right now. And after watching this movie, I'm going to make sure I won't take him or any love of mine for granted.

I recommend all lovers to see this movie. If you believe in love or if you're in love go see it. Even if you don't believe in love or was once in love or have never been in love, go see it because you're lovers too. You just haven't realized it yet.

I'm warning you that it's not your average, fairytale, happy-ending chick flick box office hit. But it will touch your heart. And I must say that I'm even more in love with Ryan Gosling after this movie.

"i'm here to stay, there is no one else for me that will fill my heart up like you do."

PS. This movie has an amazing soundtrack. Love this song from the movie sooo much.\


Anonymous said...

Bria, you're so pretty and talented. I've always admired your talent, but reading your blog has made me admire you as a person as well.

Tamera said...

I absolutely LOVED this movie! And it brke my heart too to see their lost love...or her's I guess. So sad but so good.
Tamera xo

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