Monday, February 21, 2011

princess duties.

I know you all are wondering (actually, probably not) how Cinderella things are coming along. And I'm very happy to report that we're almost done with learning the ballet. I've learned nearly all my parts, and the majority of what's left to be taught is for the corps dancers in the ball scene. Pedro's goal is to have the ballet completely taught and finished this weekend. It's a good goal, and there is still a big chunk to learn. But we can do it. Especially with Pedro at the head of things. He works magic every single time.

I've got some exciting things I'll be busy with for the next couple of weeks. I like to call them princess duties. It has become a weekly event when people tell me that they've seen my face on a poster somewhere around this small town. And I'm still not sure how I should react to having my face posted around the town. I still don't think I'll ever get used to makes me wonder what it's like to be printed in a national printed ad (*cough cough* Keltie Colleen...).
I've got a couple of princess duties scheduled for next week. Next Friday I get to ditch be excused from school to dance on the news. I'll get to take a trip to the news station and perform my variation from Act II on a tiny square of floor for everyone that's tuning in. So, tune in! Next Saturday I have been invited to do a book reading with my fairy godmother for children at the local Barnes + Noble. I love talking with little kids so much, and I'm really excited for this event.
Then the weekend after, I get to sit in a cupcake shop to meet little girls and boys that want their picture taken with me and my fairy godmother (I don't go anywhere without my fairy godmother. She's kinda like a bodyguard. Except dainty + glittery.) I'll be surrounded by some of the most delicious cupcakes on this planet while I have to sit and make cheesy smiles and dozens of cameras. That's okay though because I thoroughly enjoy it.

I may call these upcoming events "princess duties", but it's not really just a job for me. I love doing this. I'm still in shock that I'm the lead ballerina of a three act ballet. I didn't think I would be seeing this happening so soon in my dance career, but dreams come true with hard work.

The other day at rehearsal, I was having a discussion with my Prince Charming. (He has recently auditioned for the National Ballet of Canada. He was one of the two selected in an audition of about 38 people to attend the school. He's working on trying to become a part of the company someday) He said to me, "I don't think I'm really all that talented...I have really shitty feet...but I worked for where I am today. I work. And people are going to notice that."
I couldn't agree more with what he had to say. I have a lot of focus and drive to keep becoming better and better. And it's exciting to see yourself make improvments and reach goals. And that's the way I work - I make a goal, I push myself to the limit (sometimes past the limit), I reach it, and then I move on to the next goal. It's the only way I'm ever going to get where I want to be.

You have a duty to yourself to be proud of yourself.
What do you do that makes you proud of yourself?

From one curious, passionate, and living being to another,


Marie a la Mode said...

Sounds like such an exciting time in your life right now, Bria. Enjoy it!

bria ballerina said...

Thanks! I'm trying my best to make the most of every moment. I don't ever want it to end!

I love your blog, by the way! :)