Tuesday, March 29, 2011

first day of the last theatre week...

I have to apologize for being SUPER-DUPER M.I.A. lately...I've been drained with final Cinderella rehearsals and the end of the 3rd quarter at school (yes, that means only one quarter/9 weeks left of high school!!!!). But the past two weekends I've been sweating buckets at the full run-throughs of Cinderella. These rehearsals really made me realize how demanding of a role this is for me...or anyone. From the beginning, I knew that it was going to be a challenge, and it would call for a lot of hardwork and stamina. But at the first run through rehearsal - a full day from 10am to 6pm - I was pooped and my feet were barking by 3 o' clock. Of course, I got angry at myself for not being able to hold up for the part. After that first run-through rehearsal, I got worried. I was afraid that now that everything is coming together, I was getting ready to fall apart. My feet were hurting, my breath was uneven, my calves were cramping, my hips were tight, and I continued to sweat buckets and buckets...but I kept my cool and tried not to let my frustration/pain/worry/anxiety show. This is my moment, and I wasn't going to let it slip out of my fingers at the last few minutes.

This past weekend, we had two more full run-through rehearsals on Saturday and Sunday - 9am to 6pm on Saturday and 1pm to 6pm on Sunday (I live at the studio, no big deal). Before getting to the studio, I got nervous again...I didn't want to be beat down just a few hours into rehearsal again. But to my surprise and delight, I lasted the entire rehearsal. Sure, I was shaking from low blood sugar 3 hours into rehearsal, but I was getting through. My feet didn't hurt as bad, and I went all 9 hours on Saturday and all 5 hours on Sunday en pointe. My feet definitely felt the pain yesterday, but it was nothing a nice hot bath full of Epsom salt couldn't fix.

Tonight was the first night at the theatre. I always talk about the magic that I feel whenever I go to the theatre, and when I arrived there today it was completely different. The space seemed bigger and more welcoming than ever before. And I realized that this will be my last theatre week with the company. I had a weird feeling in my stomach thinking about this, but I was still excited and ready to be at the theatre.

The first night at the theatre is always a long night. And even more so for this show because there are tons of scene changes and props that the stage crew needs to take care of need to figure out in the new space. And we just have to patient enough to keep moving along as best as possible.

Overall, it was an excellent rehearsal. The sets are soooo beautiful. If I didn't say this before, we bought all the sets and costumes for this show from Ballet Florida, which apparently went down a couple years ago. But we're so lucky to have so many amazing props and sets for this show because they really help the magic come to life!

I am more than happy to be at the theatre this week; regardless if it's my last one with the company or not. I'm happy. I'm surrounded by the people that I love for hours and hours at a time, I'm dancing on this enormous stage as the lead ballerina of a three act ballet, and I'm just living a dream life.

More tech work tomorrow, then dress rehearsal on Thursday and Friday!
I'm starting to fall asleep with my feet in this foot jacuzzi...

First last-theatre-week-with-this-company list...
-Mrs. Munson (backstage manager): "Bria, did you think the hardest part of this role would be the costume changes?"
Me: "No. But I know now!"
-I have the best quick change crew...a quick change in 45 seconds? Hell yeah, they can do it.
-There should be an award for Cutest Couple on Twitter...and Tai + I would win it.
-The Prince's palace is in Atlantis.
-Homemade meals from Tai = best dinner.
-We girls act like a bunch of boys planning April Fool's Day pranks.
-Sour gummy worms are quite the nutritious dinner.
-Just because it's theatre week doesn't mean that I should put things such as schoolwork/scholarship applications/college registration aside...but that's just the way it ends up.
-Snow monkeys are the cutest things ever.

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