Friday, March 18, 2011

it only gets worse/better from here...

Theatre week is in two weeks, and I can't help but freak out. And I'm finding out that I'm on a couple of billboards in the city, more posters are being picked up and posted, that there's a whole spread about Cinderella in the city magazine, people are walking around with my face on their shirts, and I'm being interviewed for the city's biggest newspaper. When we began Cinderella, it began with the posters, and I knew it would get worse as it got closer to the performance...or for the better, depending on how you look at it. Here's an article about the Bubblecake event. Enjoy!

click here for article!

Tomorrow is the first run through rehearsal, and I'm getting nervous and anxious. It'll be the first time that I'll be running the entire ballet, and I'm just scared that I'll run out of energy and end up looking sloppy...I guess we'll find out. I'm also going to rehearse my crazy 1 minute quick change, so I can't wait to have the best quick change crew on me once again!


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Marie a la Mode said...

You'll be amazing! Believe in yourself. Everything will fall into place. Break a leg!