Thursday, March 31, 2011

my yummy toes...

First dress rehearsal = Bria is starting to go Black Swan crazy (not really. I haven't even seen Black Swan yet...)
But the first dress rehearsal went really well tonight. I was more stressed out than I should be because we didn't rehearse the 15-minute intermissions of course. And I realized tonight that the most annoying thing about being Cinderella is all the changes that I have to do. I have 3 different costumes, 3 different pairs of shoes, 2 headpieces, 2 different pairs of stressful! Anyway, I love seeing all the costumes and the show coming together. It's a different kind of excitement than Nutcracker brings.

My feet are really starting to hate me. I was so rushed today about getting into my different costumes that I forgot to put my toepads on (what I would consider Black Swan crazy...). And that resulted in 3 new blisters and blood stains in my pointe shoes. I'm so confused as to how I could forget to put my toepads on, but I was wondering why my toes hurt so badly all of act I...

Can't say "thank you" enough for epsom salt foot baths + ibuprofen...
-Got 4 hours of sleep, nbd.
-My ugly stepsisters are women in drag.
-Our April Fool's prank is going to be priceless.
-My best friends are more black and ghetto than I am.
-My boyfriend is too.
-I sewed a pair of my sparkly pointe shoes during English today, nbd.
-I love talking to my school nurse about my gross dancer feet.
-I got called a chicklet today. I kinda liked it.

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