Thursday, March 17, 2011

a new day.

Tonight I volunteered again to be an usher for the end-of-the-year Minds in Motion performance. Minds in Motion is a program created by the Richmond Ballet to bring the joy and movement of dance to the children. Elementary schools and some middle schools have brought in the program for some of their classes, and it has been an amazing success. Over 100 children were dancing on that stage tonight, and it is one of the most moving and inspirational dance performances I've ever seen.

I've seen companies such as ABT and Richmond Ballet perform, and they were, of course, exquisite. But the kids of the Minds in Motion program just light up the stage in a completely different way. They're taught simple steps, and they work so hard. It shows when they're onstage. All the kids I saw performing on that stage tonight were werking it. And I mean werk. I watched them all get into charcter and have such amazing stage presence.
As we know, Pedro is the artistic director of the pre-professional company that I'm in. But he is also one of the people that help with the Minds in Motion program. Every week, he visits these schools and teaches them dances, then later comes back to the studio teach us. He's a man with extreme energy and a big heart. He's so great with kids, and they all love him too. I'm still perplexed by how Pedro finds the time to do all these amazing things, but my only conclusion is that he's superhuman.

I'm alway excited to help with this performance because it always reminds me that that's what it's always about - the smiles on their faces that bring smiles to our faces. It's all about dancing. It's not about the dance job that pays the most or the one that gets the most publicity. It's about getting out there and dancing because you love it. Simple as that.


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