Friday, March 04, 2011

princess on the news!

ballerina glam.
Today I got to get out of school to hang out with the cool people at the news station downtown. I went ahead and wore my hair in a ballet bun to school, and I actually didn't get too many weird looks. People actually commented and said I looked "elegant". And I walked around thinking that I looked silly and like a boy with the middle part.

The people at the news station are super duper nice. They made sure that I was well-hydrated + comfortable. I was warned that the hosts of the show were a tad vain, but I didn't get that feeling from either of them! ...okay, actually the guy wasn't as personable as I would like, but anyway...I did a quick rehearsal on the tinytinytiny and slippery stage before it started, and it was really cool to see how everything worked on a tv show! I saw the weather corner where the meteorologist has all his computers and the green screen is that he uses. The numerous teleprompters and bright lights were so legit.

When it came time for me to be on, I couldn't help but put on a cheesy smile. I was so excited to be there, and I didn't have to say anything haha. But I'm a little mad how they cut me off at the beginning and end of my variation! That stupid title screen was not necessary at all. But what does my opinion matter? I'm just there to dance and look like a princess. And they went a little over on the talking, so they had to cut me off at the end to go to commercials. biz.


Here it is!


Tony said...

Girrrrrl. You were werking that tiny tiny stage. You danced the variation beautifully, I cant wait to see it live!

DancerBabe said...

that floor looked really slick. Good job!

Marie a la Mode said...

You rocked this performance, girl! Congrats! I wish I could have danced as beautifully as you when I was en pointe at your age ; )

bria ballerina said...

Thanks, guys! The stage was suuuuper slick, and I was so nervous! But it was such a great experience :)