Saturday, April 30, 2011

i'll take every single challenge that's thrown at me.

This is my year.
I've been given so many amazing opportunities and surprising challenges, and I just got another one today. I'm going to try and contain my excitement about these news as best as I can, so you'll just have to wait and stick around to find out what the news exactly is!

This video is a tiny hint. The last time I did this ballet was freshman year.
And we're doing it again in Prague.
Bring it on...

Friday, April 29, 2011

a hike.

I went on a hike today.
A real hike.
An 4-mile hike up a mountain to get to the most beautiful outlook I've ever seen. It took my breath away.

I used to go on "hikes" with Heartbreaker. They weren't real hikes though. We'd pick the same trail, and always get distracted at the same spot and walk off the trail to our spot. The spot where he'd hold me and I'd lie my head on his chest. The spot where he told me secrets and actually said sweet things to my face. The spot where I was completely naked with him - emotionally and physically. The spot where I looked at his face in the sun and thought I was in love with him. The spot where I was completely stupid to fall for a heartbreaker like him...I should've seen from the hike that everything was fake. The hike was a fake because we never even made it to the end of the trail. And he was fake in every single way possible. And we were fake.

Today I went on my first real hike with Tai. It was so nice to go on a real hike where I would see the end of the trail. The hike was real, and the love I share with Tai is real. We made it to the top. And at the top was a new spot. It was a spot where I felt like I was at the edge of the world. A spot where I was fully clothed but still emotionally raw and naked. A spot where I looked at the boy that I am crazy in love with. A spot where I was completely sure about everything in my life...the fact that he went all the way to the top of the trail with me meant a lot more to me than anyone could ever know. And the fact that we're true to each other makes my heart feel more whole than it ever has before.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

now that it's spring break...

Now that it's spring break, I have someeee time to write/post something...

There aren't enough "I'm sorry's" in the world to apologize for my absence. Time is flying by sooooo fast right now that I can't even keep up anymore. This week is my spring break, and it's flying by too. When I get back to school, it'll be May already. Graduation is right around the corner, and that's all I'm thinking about right now...

To make up for being away for sooooo long, I'm going to put up all the pics of everything that has happened since I last posted. As well as a video of the dance I performed at my school talent show that won me first place!

Here ya go!

photo by: dan mcdilda

my prince and one of my best friends - john.

most loving, generous, helpful person/director ever - pedro.

curtain call.

seniors 2011 (and john)

this little girl invited cinderella to her birthday party...

john and i with my ugly stepmother (whom i actually really really love).

senior prom!

paparazzi pic.

Just a little note about this dance/video...I strained my ankle during rehearsal just hours before the show, but I still wanted to dance. So I wrapped it up, sucked it up, and the show went on! Honestly, it probably wasn't the best idea in the world to dance on it, but oh well. I won first place at the talent show, strained ankle and all!

I know that I keep saying that I'm going to keep up with this more, and I keep failing. But I reallyyyy need to keep up with it.

As you can see, we had a successful show of Cinderella, which we all had to say a bittersweet goodbye to. I miss it so much...
And I've had my senior prom! I was especially excited for prom this year because I got the perfect dress and the perfect date! And I can say that this prom was very fun and the perfect senior prom.

I'll keep updating as much as time allows!
43 days till graduation!

PS. My dream of getting 100 followers on this blog finally came trueeee!! I've had this blog for more than 2 years now, and I've finally reached 100 followers. Thank you all that have been following from the beginning and welcome to those who just started following! Keep reading and keep following. Much love xoxoxo