Monday, May 02, 2011

a happy (kitten) family.

happy kitten family.
say "hello" to sylvie romanova! (named after my favorite ballerina - sylvie guillem)
kitten mommy.
she loves daddy, too.
 Once upon a time, I wanted a cat. However, my mother doesn't like cats. So I went years and years dreaming of owning a cute cat of my own. One day last month, my best friend and the best partner ever, John, told me that one of his cats is pregnant, so I immediately called dibs on one kitten of the litter. Tai recently lost is cat to an evil mo-ped zooming through the city, so he was in need of a cat, too. And that was when we decided to be kitten parents.

Tai definitely wanted a girl kitten, and I would've been happy with either male or female as long as I could say that kitty is mine. We debated names for a couple days, and I randomly thought of my favorite ballerina - Sylvie Guillem - and suggested the name Sylvie to Tai. He loved it immediately and continued to suggest a 2nd name of Romanova. It had a nice ring to it, so I couldn't object. We had a name, so all that we had left to wait for was the kitten.

A couple weeks later, John informed us that his cat had given birth to three kittens. They were still too small to determine their sex, so it was more waiting. Soon enough, John told us that there were two girls. He sent me pictures, and I saw her - the kitten that I wanted. She was the small one always jumping around in the pictures. I knew that she was the one for us.

Tai and I did more waiting for the time that Sylvie could leave her mother, and today was the day that she would officially become our kitten daughter. When I first saw her, I couldn't speak. She is the cutest kitten I have ever seen in the world. Words can't even describe how cute she is. Sylvie weighs only 10 ounces and can fit in the palm of your hand. She hates to be alone and loves to snuggle up with anyone. When she's full of energy she loves to run around and play with you.

Tai and I are very proud kitten parents.


Marie a la Mode said...

Awww, Bria she is so cute! Look at her sweet little face! Congratulations Mommy! My cat was that small when I got her five years ago. Time has flown! Enjoy her while she's still a baby ; )

Anonymous said...

10 oz is DEFINITELY too small for a kitten to be separated from its mother. They can't even be spayed/neutered until 3 lbs.

bria ballerina said...

Marie - Thank you! She is the most precious thing in the world, and she is probably the most loved kitten in the world :)

Anon - I forgot to mention that she is the runt of the litter. Her brother and sister are twice her size although they are the same age. She is completely healthy though and can eat solid food!