Sunday, August 28, 2011


definitely don't see these guys in richmond...

As you may know from my Twitter, I went home for the weekend to escape the wrath of Hurricane Irene (if you didn't know, come follow/play with me on Twitter!). All of Richmond was under tropical storm warning, and my godparents were headed to my house to take refuge there for the weekend. So I hitched a ride with them, and we were all running for the hills (literally...). And it was weird going home after just being away for just a week. It was so short-notice, it was almost surreal. Once we pulled into town and I saw that big glowing star on the top of the mountain (our town's landmark), it felt like I hadn't even left. I got a home cooked meal from mom, and I got to jump in my full-size bed and snuggle under my covers. It was sooo nice.

When I got all settled into my college dorm, I wasn't really worried about getting homesick. I've gone away for dance summer programs, and I've never really had a bad case of homesickness. And I always complain how my house is boring and the town I live in is even more boring, but going home this weekend made me realize how much I actually love home. I'm quite sad at the fact that it took this long to realize that, but better late than never! There is just something so loving about coming back to my house in the mountains and driving around the city all night looking for something to do. Definitely something about it all that I'm going to miss this year in college...

And of course, after the 2nd day home, I was ready to come back to RVA and get back to work. (Also, my mom was kinda getting on my nerves...) But soon enough, the city of Richmond will become my home - my home away from home. And that's definitely cool, too.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

dancers are crazy people.

Today were placement classes, orientation, and a department meeting for the dance department today at VCU. It was a reallyyyy long day starting at 9am ending around 5pm, but I got to spend the whole day dancing, walking around with, meeting with, and talking with all the other dance majors.

I want to bring up a very important point that I have come to notice over the years...dancers are crazy people. I actually think this applies to all performers. We're loud and obnoxious, but that's just the way we are. We love being exuberant, and I blame that on our high energy levels and ability to open up. Dancers really are some of the most fun people in the world. I might be biased, but if you have some dancer friends you might know what I'm talking about...

Being around all the dancers today made me get really excited about the year. I won't be dancing with most of the VCU dancers for the next couple years (due to my Traineeship with Richmond Ballet), but still being around them in the school will make this transition into college life a lot easier. Classes here at the college start tomorrow, and I only have one! It's a film class, and I'm pretty excited about it. It should be interesting!


PS. I hope you saw me post this on twitter and tumblr...I am in love with Ryan Gosling. And this video convinces me that we're going to get married in onesies...

PPS. I miss my kitten daughter :(

Monday, August 22, 2011

all growed up.

dorm home.
first skype date with tai. i miss him <3

It's official! I'm all moved in to college. I got all moved in yesterday, the 20th. It was a crazy day with all the first-years hauling their entire life for the next year in bright yellow carts and dollies. It was hot and humid making the whole move-in process quite miserable, but after everything got up to my room the packing came quick and easy. I was so excited to get up here, get all moved in, and ready to start this college experience, I thought the goodbye to my family would be an easy one because I'm really not that far from home. But that final goodbye to my family was the complete opposite. As I stood there facing my parents, I realized that this is it. I'm on my own. I need to really understand what taking care of myself means because this is where it starts. And I just felt all grown up. I realized that up until this point in my life, I've been quite babied - at home and in school. Things are going to get very adult-like very soon...

My mom said, "I hope Dad and I taught you everything you need to know to take care of yourself." and I gave her a hug. And she started crying. Which made me start crying...and it turned into a bit of a mini cryfest. I really didn't think I would cry at that moment, but I did, which goes to show that you can't always control the future. But hopefully my very close future as a college student here is going to be in my complete control.

I've had fun the past couple of days just getting to meet people and get around the city. No crazy college shenanigans have happened...yet. I'm sure things will start getting off the ground in the next couple of days. And I'll try to be a classy college girl and keep it on the DL ;)


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

pour un infidèle.

It's finally over.
And it all came as a shock to me when the the truth was finally spoken from the words of a liar. I never thought I would see the day that I would hear something that would make my stomach fall to the ground and make my heart stop beating.

The thing about liars is that you get so used to hearing them lie, you can't believe anything they say. Whether it's the little things or the big things, they lie to you and you know it. But you brush it off because when it comes down to it the lies don't really hurt you. All they do is make the liar look like even more of a scumbag...

So when the truth rolls of their tongue, it's shocking. It's show stopping. It's tear jerking. And you don't know what to do. You become tongue-tied and lost for words.

And so it's officially over.
The truth has been spoken, and things are over with the liar and the cheat and the one who broke my heart for what seemed like an eternity.
That shocking moment he told me the truth lasted a few minutes, and after those few minutes I got over it and moved on with my life. And I mean, finally moved on with my life. I don't have to play along with the game that ended up having me lose every single round anymore. I lost you as a friend, but I am not a loser.

I am truly happy without you.

"et dans tes défaites, tu me promets, qu'un nouveau jour est pour demain."
("and in your losses, you promise, a new day is tomorrow.")

Sunday, August 14, 2011

SUMMER 2011.

No time for apologies. I leave for college in 6 days, and it's time for me to bring this little blog of mine back to life.

So, here's what I've done this ahhhmazing summer of 2011...

I performed my last season performance with SVB...
from cinderella pas de deux: act ii.
might upload the recording of this pas de deux. just maybe...
excerpt from don quixote.
 I did some graduating...
dance family <3
tai's family <3
familyyyyyyy <3
I rehearsed for the Prague trip...
shots from an original piece choreographed by Pedro Szalay entitled "Unknown".

I left for Prague, and I danced there...
from paquita pas de deux adagio.
"unknown" brought to life on the stage.

I chilled in Prague...

Our company won some awards in Prague...
SVB dancers and Pedro accepting the "Best Classical Dance" award. SVB was also awarded with the "Best Costumes" award. Also, two SVB dancers received talent awards.
I even discotheque-ed in Prague...

When I kissed Prague a sweet goodbye and got back to the United States, I went to Richmond for remaining three weeks of the five week summer intensive. My three weeks there would determine if I was accepted as a Trainee for the Richmond Ballet. And at the end of the summer intensive, I received the amazing news that I am now a Trainee with the Richmond Ballet along with a few other lucky girls! I am very excited for my first year as a trainee and to be with the Richmond Ballet, and I will be sure to keep you updated on my training, rehearsals, and performances!
This is the only picture taken of me at Richmond this summer, and I'm hammering out some noisy pointe shoes...
After Richmond, I rested and spent some time with my family and friends back home. And then went to the beach with my family for a couple of days before coming back...
rehoboth beach <3
And now I'm back home totally stressed out with college/dorm shopping because I leave in 6 days...this summer has flown by, and I can't believe I'm already getting ready to leave for college. This summer has been one of the most memorable thus far in my life, and I just wish it could've been a little longer to make this amazing feeling that I have last.
College/dorm shopping is not as fun as I thought it was going to be, but thankfully I'm all done with it. Now comes the dreadful part of packing it all up for move-in day. I hate packing, so this is going to be torture for me...

I will say one BIG "sorry" for being away for so long. The past few months have just come and gone. Seriously. If you were me, you would understand. There just wasn't enough time (or energy in my body) to sit down for 20 mins to write a little something on here. I'm excited to bring this baby back to life for the school year/company season.

I'm glad to be back!
Love always,