Monday, August 22, 2011

all growed up.

dorm home.
first skype date with tai. i miss him <3

It's official! I'm all moved in to college. I got all moved in yesterday, the 20th. It was a crazy day with all the first-years hauling their entire life for the next year in bright yellow carts and dollies. It was hot and humid making the whole move-in process quite miserable, but after everything got up to my room the packing came quick and easy. I was so excited to get up here, get all moved in, and ready to start this college experience, I thought the goodbye to my family would be an easy one because I'm really not that far from home. But that final goodbye to my family was the complete opposite. As I stood there facing my parents, I realized that this is it. I'm on my own. I need to really understand what taking care of myself means because this is where it starts. And I just felt all grown up. I realized that up until this point in my life, I've been quite babied - at home and in school. Things are going to get very adult-like very soon...

My mom said, "I hope Dad and I taught you everything you need to know to take care of yourself." and I gave her a hug. And she started crying. Which made me start crying...and it turned into a bit of a mini cryfest. I really didn't think I would cry at that moment, but I did, which goes to show that you can't always control the future. But hopefully my very close future as a college student here is going to be in my complete control.

I've had fun the past couple of days just getting to meet people and get around the city. No crazy college shenanigans have happened...yet. I'm sure things will start getting off the ground in the next couple of days. And I'll try to be a classy college girl and keep it on the DL ;)


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