Sunday, August 28, 2011


definitely don't see these guys in richmond...

As you may know from my Twitter, I went home for the weekend to escape the wrath of Hurricane Irene (if you didn't know, come follow/play with me on Twitter!). All of Richmond was under tropical storm warning, and my godparents were headed to my house to take refuge there for the weekend. So I hitched a ride with them, and we were all running for the hills (literally...). And it was weird going home after just being away for just a week. It was so short-notice, it was almost surreal. Once we pulled into town and I saw that big glowing star on the top of the mountain (our town's landmark), it felt like I hadn't even left. I got a home cooked meal from mom, and I got to jump in my full-size bed and snuggle under my covers. It was sooo nice.

When I got all settled into my college dorm, I wasn't really worried about getting homesick. I've gone away for dance summer programs, and I've never really had a bad case of homesickness. And I always complain how my house is boring and the town I live in is even more boring, but going home this weekend made me realize how much I actually love home. I'm quite sad at the fact that it took this long to realize that, but better late than never! There is just something so loving about coming back to my house in the mountains and driving around the city all night looking for something to do. Definitely something about it all that I'm going to miss this year in college...

And of course, after the 2nd day home, I was ready to come back to RVA and get back to work. (Also, my mom was kinda getting on my nerves...) But soon enough, the city of Richmond will become my home - my home away from home. And that's definitely cool, too.


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