Wednesday, September 21, 2011

busy bee.

thank you, starbucks....
my new best friend - twyla.
megamind blueberry muffins.
and colorful flamed candles.

Dear followers,
I am slowly dying of exhaustion, but I wouldn't have it any other way. School is getting more stressful, and things are always busy here at Richmond Ballet. Rehearsals upon rehearsals with homework to deal with when I get home. But like I said, my life is busy and crazy and sometimes a little too complicated, but it keeps me young, excited, and moving through life.

On Monday I started rehearsals at the VCU dance building with the resident artist Rick McCullough (click here for a full bio!). He is here in town for the next two weeks to choreograph and set a piece on a few dancers here at VCU. The rehearsals have been going really well, and his choreography is amazing - so organic and pure. I can't wait until the whole piece is finished. I love that I get to work with dancers both at RB and VCU. I have all these interactions and connections at my fingertips in this city. I knew I would love it here...

The past few days have consisted of me being sick with bronchitis and laryngitis for about 2 weeks straight, going home, and baking crazy blueberry muffins. And this week is going so much faster than I anticipated!
Today I went on a coffee date with a new friend I've made here at school named Breckenridge. She is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met, and not to mention, has one of the cutest styles ever. She has a lot of pieces that I want to steal for my closet...our coffee date was also an interview for her style blog that she runs - She did a quick interview of me for her blog, so make sure you go check out her post and follow her blog!!

And on that note....I'm starting up my own personal style fashion blog!! I've been really into fashion for like forever now (as you probably know from my page) and meeting up with Breck today really got me excited about the fashion scene here in RVA. I will be a part of Richmond's Fashion Bloggers at Please follow to help the blog running and getting kicked off! I officially have sold my soul to the devil in making myself even busier - I didn't think it was possible! Once I get my style blog up make sure to follow -!

Thanks for always being beautiful, loving, and darling followers.
Love always,

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