Monday, October 03, 2011


I've written thousands of posts about how I think too much and how all the thoughts swimming through my head will be the death of me. Today there are thoughts in my head forming a hurricane that may cause some serious damage. So much can happen in less than 24 hours. And by that I mean - I can learn a lot about myself, who I am and what I truly want, in less than 24 hours.

One thought that has been haunting me all day is this - if it weren't meant to be, then we wouldn't keep finding our way back to each other. For it to be "meant to be" doesn't necessarily mean being together/dating. To me, it means that we're meant to be friends for life. No matter what, you will always be there. I really like knowing that.

There are so many thoughts flying around in my head.
One of them is wondering what thoughts are running through your head...

so i'll write you the longest letter describing my feelings 
and all these stupid things.
i'll cross my fingers that your heart melts,
and you look at me and tell me "darling, where have you been?"

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