Thursday, November 24, 2011

gratitude saves a broken heart.

It's been exactly a month since I've written a blog post.
And within that month I did a lot of crying, changing, growing, dancing, breathing, sleeping, and living. I did it all for myself, and I needed it. I needed time to sort out thins with myself and my heart. I've really been going through a tough time the past month, and I need to take this time to say that I am thankful for it.

Even through all the pain and confusion that I've felt the past month, I'm thankful for every bit of it. I wake up every morning alive, and I think that's a wonderful think to be thankful for in itself.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving today with my family. I ate my weight in food, and it will be fun trying to lose it all in time for Nutcracker. I love being home from school. I'm finding that I'm missing home a lot more than I thought. I really wish that I could stay here for a lot longer...
Every year, I post a list of things that I'm thankful for. And without fail, here it is:

my family. I know that last year, I felt like I was so ready to leave the house and I felt like we were outgrowing each other. But I still love my family, and I miss them a lot more than they will ever know. They give me everything I need and more.

my best friends. Being away from home is making me realize who my real best friends are. They're like my sisters, and they know everything about me. They're always there when I need a shoulder to cry on or someone to fart with. I really don't know what I would do without them.

dancing. This is a given, but I am always thankful for the art of dance and what it has brought to my life. My opportunities as a young dancer are opening up faster than I thought they ever would. Dance has seriously gotten me through the toughest times in my life, and I am happy and full of life today because of it. It will never leave me, and you can expect to see me dancing until the day I die.

pumpkin. I am so obsessed with everything pumpkin flavored. As much as I wish that pumpkin was a year-round kind of thing, the fact that it only comes around fall-time makes it worth waiting for every single year.

college. Although that dancers necessarily need to go to college for a successful career, I am glad that I am going to college. It's a great experience, and it is everything that people crack it up to be - fun, stressful, exciting, and fresh. And I'm thankful that I get to have that experience.

nature. Living in the city has made me realize how beautiful Roanoke is, and how much I really do miss the mountains, valleys, and miles of woods. Although I will always be a city girl, I could stay out here forever.

food, clothing, and shelter. I am thankful for this every single day, and you should be too.

puppies + kittens. When it seems like you're all alone, your pets will always be there to cuddle with you and lick up your tears that you only shed when you feel truly alone. They always love you no matter what.

coffee. Have a cup every morning. Great way to start the day.

you. I've had this blog for about 3 years now, and some of you have been reading it from the beginning. As have I, this blog has had its ups and downs. You have read my deepest thoughts, and although that would make some people uncomfortable, to me it's comforting. It's comforting to know that amazing people like you read my thoughts and are somehow touched or inspired, and I'm thankful for every single one of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving, loves.

PS. Found this video, and it is completely relevant. 

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