Thursday, December 01, 2011

nothing but the best for you.

I'm thinking of the last time I went to your house...
The night ended with false innocence. We pretended like we were never lovers. We pretended like we didn't hurt each other.
I got in my car, like it was in the beginning - it's as if we traveled backwards in time, going back to a time when we barely knew each other. And before I started the engine, I sat there and stared at the window. Not through it. Just at it. And I thought to myself that maybe I'll okay.
I start the car, and the words of the song begin to play. This song. Overplayed, I know. But I still love it with a passion. And it couldn't have been more perfect as I pulled up behind you at the stop light, and our turn signals were heading the opposite directions.

We went our separate ways.
Maybe not forever, and hopefully not.

I truly wish nothing but the best for you.